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Terms & Conditions

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Terms of use- - - - - - ------------------------ - Terms of use General terms and conditions 1. Service 1.1 We are Ebuy.com's wholly-owned subsidiary Yuemei System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we", "our company" or "ebuy.com"), and we own and operate the website. Our website provides a convenient shopping mode through the Internet (including through the use of applications or software) and provides 24/7 online entertainment information ("Services"). 1.2 By using the website, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please read the relevant terms and conditions carefully. 1.3 We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice. The revised terms and conditions will take effect from the date of publication. If you continue to use our website and services, you are deemed to have agreed to the latest version of these terms and conditions. 1.4 The meaning of certain terms used in the terms and conditions: 1.4.1 "We" means (the name or name of the individual or company providing the service). 1.4.2 "You" refers to the person who provides services or delivers goods and the person who needs to pay for the goods we deliver. 1.4.3 "Content" refers to all text, images, logos, icons, photos, videos, mobile visual specific images or sounds, and combinations of images and sound effects selected, displayed or used on our website, computer programs, and others material. 1.4.4 "Products" refer to goods or services that you have ordered and will be paid for through our website. 1.4.5 "Intellectual Property Rights" refers to any and all patents, trademarks, domain name rights, design rights, copyrights and database rights (regardless of whether any of the above applications or registration rights have been registered and registered), confidential Data rights and all other intellectual property rights of a similar or corresponding nature that may exist currently or in the future anywhere in the world. 1.4.6 "Service" has the meaning given in Article 1.1. 1.4.7 "Supplier" means the seller and supplier of the goods you order through our website. 1.4.8 "Website" refers to the website of Ebuy.com (https://www.thshkshop.com) and any related websites. 1.4.9 "User Content" has the meaning given in Article 11.1. 2. Registration 2.1 You must register with us when using the service or placing an order. By registering, this means that you declare (and we have the right to rely on such declarations accordingly) that you are over 18 years of age and have the ability to constitute a legally binding contract. 2.2 You declare to us and all suppliers who provide goods through our website that all orders you make through our website will be executed within the bounds of the contract. 2.3 In view of your use of our services, you agree to: 2.3.1 Provide true, accurate, up-to-date and complete information about you when filling in the registration form; and 2.3.2 Maintain and immediately update your registration information to ensure that the information is true, accurate, current and complete. If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that any information is false, inaccurate, not up-to-date or incomplete, we have the right to suspend or terminate your registration. 3. Order 3.1 Unless otherwise stated, we are not a seller or supplier of goods. We are responsible for managing the website, arranging the order processing process and completing the delivery of goods ordered from suppliers through our website. 3.2 When placing an order, it means that you purchase goods from the supplier at the specified commodity price. After submission, even if we have not accepted or rejected your order, we cannot cancel the related order. 3.3 We will confirm by email that we have received your order. The confirmation email will provide: 3.3.1 Your order details, 3.3.2 Details of the prices charged, 3.3.3 Your order tracking information, and 3.3.4 Materials expected to be sent and delivered. This communication means that we accept your order on behalf of the supplier. You can track the status of your order online. 3.4 We accept that your order will only cover the goods indicated in the confirmation, and may not cover all the goods you ordered. In this case, when we issue a further acceptance confirmation for the remaining products of your order, this part of the order will be accepted. 3.5 The inventory supply of goods is displayed online, and the supplier will update it regularly. However, it should not be used as an accurate description of whether the goods to be purchased are actually in stock. 3.6 We reserve the right to refuse or cancel