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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Introduction Zhengshenshui Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "the company") is committed to respecting and safeguarding your privacy. This policy will explain how we will use the personal information you provide in the future, and how you can give us instructions if you want to set certain restrictions on the use of such information. Please read the following carefully to fully understand our handling of personal data. Once you log on to any of our affiliated business websites (hereinafter referred to as "websites") and provide personal information, you agree to allow us to engage in relevant collection, storage, use and disclosure activities on the premise that this information complies with the relevant provisions of this policy. These are the websites we operate. What information will we collect? The personal data we will collect and process are: The personal information you provide when you fill in the form, such as (but not limited to) the registration form you fill out on our website. Including the information you provide when you order our services, purchase through our website, post on our website (or to our website), request other services, or use our other incidental services. If you sign up to participate in promotions or competitions organized by our company or other companies in our group, or all aspects of the information you provided when reporting problems on our website; When you register, the information we request includes your personal name, email address, payment card and delivery address details; When you contact us, the content of both parties will be recorded; Based on research needs, we will ask you to fill out the questionnaire; but if you do not want to fill it out, you have the right to refuse. The detailed information left when you engage in transactions and fulfill orders through our website; When you visit the company’s website and access resources, the information left (including transaction data, location information, website blogs and other communication data, etc., but not limited to this, and regardless of whether the purpose is to satisfy the company’s collection Item or other); You use email to send us and other information that you enter into our website. How will this information be used We will use your personal data in the following ways: Provide you with more information about the company and the products and services it operates, including what you request and what we think may be of interest to you, but only if you agree that we do such activities to you; Ensure that our website can present the content in the most effective way for you and your computer; Allow us to provide you with the assistance you need, including delivering the products you need, the information you need, or logging in to your inquiry; To perform our due obligations under any contract between us and you. When it is necessary to disclose your personal data to any agent, contractor or other third party in order to fulfill these contractual obligations, and to perform the relevant work on his behalf, you agree and allow the disclosure; Let you participate in certain interactive parts of our services (when you are willing to participate); To notify you about changes to our services; To fulfill the company's obligations in accordance with laws and regulations; Reconnaissance of the use of the website as a basis for improving the website or service; Unless we have your consent, we will not send you marketing materials without authorization. However, as long as we need it, we will send you certain information or inquiries at any time to understand your registration, purchase and/or article posting. Engage in statistical analysis to understand trends and changes in products, consumers, regions, and demographics. Disclosure of personal data We may disclose your information to other members of the group, such as the company's subsidiaries, the highest holding company, or other subsidiaries of the company. Other situations that may require us to disclose your personal information: When we sell or purchase any major asset or all or part of any business organization: At this time, we may be required to disclose your personal information to prospective buyers or sellers of the asset or business organization; or to complete the asset or business The organization sells the transaction, and then sells or transfers the personal data collected through the Internet to the counterparty in accordance with the terms of the transaction; When all or most of the company’s assets are acquired by a third party: At this time, the customer’s personal data we hold will become part of the overall assets and transferred to the other party; When it is necessary to fulfill the obligations of any contract between us and you; We are responsible for exposing your personal data to others or sharing it with others for reasons including complying with legal obligations, engaging in system operations in accordance with regulations, protecting our own rights, property or safety, or protecting our subsidiaries, affiliated businesses, and other customers Or others. These reasons include, for example, exchanging information with other companies or institutions in order to effectively prevent fraudulent activities and reduce credit risk; A third party is entrusted to assist the company in operating the website, operating the business and even serving you, and has agreed to keep the information it knows confidential; this type of third party is generally referred to as a data processor, and the scope covers payment operators, transportation and freight operators, Customs brokers and customs authorities, etc. The backup data stored by a licensed disaster recovery service provider. How do we protect your personal data? We attach great importance to the responsibility of maintaining data security, including adopting the most appropriate hardware and technical protection measures, and regularly reviewing the integrity of the measures. For the storage and disclosure of customer information, we will act in accordance with strict security procedures. For example, all sensitive credit information is transmitted through secure communication layer (SSL) technology. SSL is an industry-standard method that can encrypt personal data and credit/debit card data so that these data can be transmitted on the Internet. According to the above description, we will take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information, prevent anyone from unauthorized access, or even leak, expose or destroy it. Despite this, no one can guarantee that the data transmitted through the Internet will be safe and secure; of course we will do our best to protect the security of your personal data, but we cannot guarantee the security issues when you send information to our website. All data transmission risks are It must be borne by you. If you have a password for accessing certain parts of the company's website (or the company provides you with a password), you must be responsible for ensuring that the password does not leak. The information we collect from you may be sent to a location outside of your country for storage. Some people who work for the company or its suppliers may perform processing operations. These personnel may be engaged in tasks such as completing orders placed by you through the website, processing your payment information, or providing other support services. Once you provide personal data, you agree to all these methods of transmission, processing and storage. We will take various reasonable measures to ensure that all your data in the processing process meets the security requirements and the provisions of this policy; but the premise is that the transmission must be carried out within the control of the company and must comply with local laws and data protection The norm. Do we use cookies? Yes, our website uses cookies. A cookie is a piece of information sent from a web server and received by a web browser to allow the server to receive specific information from the browser. We use cookies for multiple purposes, such as helping us simplify the login process of registered users, assisting in confirming the security and authenticity of the registered users, providing online shopping mechanisms, playing the transaction tracking function, and collecting data from you Information about the computer you are using, such as where your IP address is, what type of operating system and browser are, and assist in system management. But it only involves statistics on user browsing behaviors and patterns, and will not verify anyone's identity data. But you can still refuse the use of cookies. The method is very simple. Just activate the relevant settings on your browser to refuse the cookie settings. But after you set it up, you will not be able to access certain parts of our website in the future. Terms of use The terms of use form part of our terms and conditions, please click the terms and conditions to link the terms and conditions. You can also request a hard copy of the terms and conditions. Changes to our privacy policy We reserve the right to revise this privacy policy at any time. If this privacy policy is revised in the future, we will publish the revised content on this webpage; please check this webpage at any time, as long as you see any announcement of changes, please read it carefully. transfer We have the right to change the company's organization or change the shareholding structure, but still provide the website and related services as usual. We have the right to resell certain assets related to the website to others, and for this purpose, transfer all or some parts of your personal information to the company that purchased all or part of the assets, or to another company merged by our company. When the foregoing circumstances occur, we will do our best to require the purchaser to continue to act in accordance with the then latest regulations of this policy. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that the privacy policy of the buyer or the merged company is completely consistent with this policy, or that the existing rules of this policy will be used to process your personal data. Access right You have the right to submit a written application at any time to request access to your personal data held by us. We do not charge for the provision of such information. Our main concern is that the information we hold about you can be kept up to date and in the most accurate state at any time, and it does not exceed the scope necessary for us to provide you with services. Therefore, if there is any change in your personal information, or you do not wish to receive any further messages from us, please let us know in order to correct, update or delete your personal information in accordance with the current situation. You have the right to ask us not to process your personal data for marketing purposes. When we intend to use your information for marketing purposes or disclose your information to any third party, in principle, we must inform you in advance (before collecting information from you). However, you can still contact us at any time to exercise this right, you only need to use admin@thshk.com or follow the above address to tell us not to contact you for such purposes. The company's website may contain hyperlinks from or to websites belonging to partner networks, advertising companies and affiliated businesses at any time. Please note that if you enter another website for this reason, since these websites have their own privacy policies, we are not responsible or compensated. Please be aware of their policies and regulations before you provide personal information to these websites. If your personal information needs to be updated or corrected, please let us know at any time. contact us If you are interested in this policy, the way we operate