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Natural Oral Drink

Relieve worries, Relieve panic, Be broad-minded

Keep the aroma, Feel at ease and sleep well, Keep the spirit

National senior medical and health experts have invested heavily in research in several years. According to the homology of medical and food, the era of health needs, and physiological humanity, we select the natural herbal food with good effects on human health: [Mexico] Jasmine essence, [Russia] Peppermint essence, [Italy] Lavender essence, [Chile] Blackberry essence, [Canada] Blueberry essence, [Mexico] Avocado essence, [Cuba] Grapefruit essence, [American] essence of the car, [Japan] Bovine bile essence, [Japan] Jelly Flower essence, [Brazil] Agaricus Subtufescens essence, [Persia] Ambergris essence, [Paris] Purified Water essence, etc. , AKK high penetration technology enrichment,  special packaging, elaborate creation. 



Drip into the boiling water or drip into mouth, 7 drops each time.

Health - 2 times a day,   Special -  4-6 times a day.