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 Purify the mind, Detoxification, Bring forth the new through the old.

 Physical strengthfilling, Fortify one's health, Clarified solution.

National senior medical and health experts have invested heavily in research in several years. According to the homology of medical and food, the era of health needs, and physiological humanity, we select the natural herbal food with good effects on human health: [Baltic] Amber essence, [Spain] Safflower essence, [Persia] Menthol and Borneol essence, [France] Rose essence, [Japan] Bodhi Leaf essence, [Turkey] Tulip essence, [Japan] Bovine bile essence, [Japan] Jellies flower essence, [Rome] Chamomile essence, [Brazil] Agaricus Subtufescens essence, [Paris] Purified Water essence, etc., AKK high penetration technology enrichment, specific packaging, elaborate creation.


Drip into the boiling water or drip into mouth, 7 drops each time.

Health - 2 times a day,   Special -  4-6 times a day.

Specification: 15 ml per bottle 

Number of Certification: HKR-F-000001

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place

Expiry date (YY/MM/DD) and batch number: See the bottom