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  EYE MERIDIAN CLEAR DROP is a classic Chinese medicine formula which is validated by registered Chinese Medicine practitioners. It is made using state-of-the-art techniques, and is made with selected natural ingredients. The Eye Meridian Clear Drop provides the essential nutrition to the eye, which helps alleviate eye-fatigue, prevent eye-diseases, clear toxins, and reduces eye-inflammation and swelling. Moreover, it has remarkable effects on reducing eye-redness, and is effective in improving blood circulation and reducing eye-fatigue. Sustained use of the clear drop can prevent eye-related diseases.



Main Ingredients :


Ginseng Radix et Rhizoma 0.15%, Bovis Calculus 0.15%, Carthami Flos 0.15%, Borneolum 0.15%, Leonuri 


Fructus 0.15%, Scrophulariae Radix 0.3%, etc.



Function :


Provide nutrient to eye ball,  alleviate eye - fatigue, prevent eye diseases, clear toxins, reduces eye-inflammation and swelling and improve blood circulation. 



Indication :


1. EYE MERIDIAN CLEAR DROP is effective in improving blood circulation in the eyes, and helps alleviate eye-fatigue. Sustained use of the clear drop can prevent eye-related diseases.


2. It is recommended for those with myopia, presbyopia, glaucoma, or those who tend to suffer from overworked eyes. It is particularly effective for those who spend long-hours working on a computer.


3. With its anti-bacteria properties, the clear drop can be used to alleviate symptoms associated with conjunctivitis, keratitis, trachoma, or electric ophthalmia. It also has remarkable effects on reducing eye-redness.


4. It can alleviate fundus pathological change caused by maculopathy, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. It can also relieve cataract related symptoms.



Storage : Sealed, store in a cool dry place.



Precautions : 


1. Use within 30 days after opening.


2. Discontinue use if the product becomes cloudy, and   


    contact the distributor for exchange or refund.



Administration and dosage :


1. For inflammation, 2-3 drops/ time, every 2 hours. 


2. For other uses, 2-3 drops/ time, every 4 hours.



Specification : 1 bottle/box; 12ml/bottle



HK registration Number of pCm : HKP-12333



Expiry Date (Year/Month/Day) and Batch Number :  


See the bottom



Manufacturer : 


Swiss Treasure Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd.


Manufactured by China    Made in Hong Kong



Eyedrops for external use only )